Unlock Your Path to Success with A&J School

Securing a spot at a top university demands more than just ambition—it requires strategic guidance and support. At A&J School, we understand the intricacies of the highly competitive university admissions landscape. Our approach goes beyond conventional methods, providing students with a unique blend of expert consultation, individualized assistance, and a comprehensive understanding of the entire UCAS and CommonApp application process.

We leave nothing to chance!​

Why are our students so successful in their admissions journey?

  • Students are matched with a suitable Oxbridge or Ivy League experienced mentor.
  • We tailor our programme to each student’s learning profile.
  • We support students with Standardised Test Preparation – we have SAT, ACT, GMAT, GRE, MLAT, MCAT, IELTS experts.
  • Tailored support to cultivate an impressive extracurricular profile
  • Specialised coaching to enhance students’ interview skills.
  • We assess our students regularly to understand their progress.
  • Each application is blind-reviewed by former Ivy League and Oxbridge admissions officers.
  • We support students with interview preparation and admissions tests

A&J School – Part Time Programmes

Subject Tutoring

£ 160
  • Maths & Physics
  • Science Subjects
  • English & Literature
  • Management & Economics
  • More subjects available

Exam Preparation

£ 160
  • SAT & ACT
  • GMAT & GRE
  • Kira & Other Aptitude Assessments

University Admissions

£ 160
  • Dedicated Ivy League Mentor
  • Profile Building
  • Personal Statement Support
  • University Networking

Interview Preparation

£ 160
  • Dedicated Oxbridge or Ivy League Mentor
  • Dedicated Former Ivy League or Oxbridge Admissions Officer
  • A&J Question Bank

Frequently asked questions:

What is the difference between the Full Time and Part Time Programmes?

Our Full Time Programme is the online equivalent to a traditional 'brick and mortar' school. The student is enrolled in a recognised British Private School and, upon completion of final exams, will be awarded the legal diploma.


Our Part Time students are enrolled in specific programmes such as tutoring, the university admissions programme, interview preparation, standardised testing preparation, personal statement support, and independent academic assessments.

Can I customise my curriculum in the Homeschooling programme?

Absolutely! Our Homeschooling program allows you to tailor your curriculum to match your learning style, pace, and interests.

How can I prepare for standardised tests with A&J School?

A&J School provides expert tutoring services for various standardised tests, including GMAT, GRE, SAT, ACT, MLAT, MCAT, and LSAT. Our certified tutors offer personalised strategies to help you achieve your best scores.

How can I check fees and term dates for A&J School?

Fees and term dates are decided on a case-by-case basis. We recognise that each student is different and has different needs, and so our programmes are highly tailored to each student.

Can I get more information about A&J School's tutoring services?

Certainly! Contact us for detailed information about our tutoring services, covering a wide array of subjects and standardised tests. Our expert tutors provide personalised guidance to enhance your academic performance.

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We leave nothing to chance!​